Size Doesn't Matter When It Comes To Yoga

yoga for curvy girls

Being skinny doesn’t always mean that you have flexibility. You can be curvy and nailed some serious yoga poses too. These pictures show that you can be flexible at any size.

More pictures of gorgeous plus size yogis you can find using the hashtags #curvyyoga or #curvyyogi. Can you do any of these yoga poses?

Curvy girls doing yoga:

1. Perfect plus size pose

plus size yoga

2. Forearm Stand

curvy yoga

3. Standing Mermaid Pose

curvy yogi

4. Triangle Pose

yoga pose for plus size women

5. One Leg Wheel Pose

plus size yogis

6. Table Pose

yoga for curvy

7. Downward Dog, and Scorpion Pose

plussize yoga

8. Forearm Headstand

curvy yoga pose

9. Variation on Monkey Pose

Size Doesn't Matter Yoga